Buenos Aires Night

In Buenos Aires, something you must do in some way is to live your night and you will ask yourself: what’s so special?

Here we give you an answer. This city vibrates, does not sleep, 24 hours a day there is a more exciting plan than the other and at night, the city is filled with lights, music and color.

An important fact, in Argentina the discos or places to dance are called Boliche. The boliches begin to fill between 00:00 and 1:30 hours, reaching its maximum at 3:30 hours, but yes, we must dawn.

Before that, the Buenos Aires people usually meet in houses, bars or after office to make a previous one, that is to say, begin to meet with the friends to leave all together.

Buenos Aires being such a diverse city, you can find themed bars of all kinds. There are places that are free quill, for a stipulated amount of entry you can consume all the drinks you want.

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