What are the best attractions in Buenos Aires?

The City of Buenos Aires has endless attractions, places to visit and activities to do. In this post we tell you some of the most interesting things to do in BA and that you cannot miss when visiting this beautiful city.


First of all, you cannot miss waking through the Plaza de Mayo, this square is known as “the square of the Argentine people”, is the oldest in Buenos Aires and the scene of all the most important political events in Argentine history.


If you are looking for something different, we recommend you taking tango classes. Tango is an authentic cultural expression of this country and it represents it universally. That is why Argentina is nominated the country par excellence to learn to dance tango. It is also a very fun activity with good music.


Another very interesting activity is visiting the Café Tortoni, a notable bar which is the oldest in the City (it was founded in 1858). This bar is an important part of the history of Buenos Aires since among its most prominent clients were the writers Jorge Luis Borges, Federico García Lorca and Julio Cortázar,


Last but not least, we recommend you to have a few days off to explore the outskirts of Buenos Aires. There are a lot of activities to do such as horseriding. This is an activity that represents the culture of the country. In addition to being a fun activity and suitable for the whole family, it is accompanied by nature, animals, and incredible landscapes.


Another good plan to do in the countryside of BA is to enjoy Polo. Argentina is well known for having the best polo teams and players in the world. You cannot miss enjoying this exciting sport that highlights Argentina worldwide. There are a few well-known polo programs where visitors are able to see a professional polo game, play polo and enjoy argentine traditions. There are even plans to enjoy polo at night!


Finally, Buenos Aires surroundings are full of classics estancias where you can spend a day learning about argentine culture and traditions, eating a delicious asado, among other activities.


As you can see in Buenos Aires there is no time to get bored. We hope our recommendations are useful to you!

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