Recommended Activities in Buenos Aires

City Tour? Running Buenos Aires

You will get to know Buenos Aires while running!

Enjoy the Palermo Lakes and some fresh air during the morning or the afternoon.
An around-the-globe marathon runner-guide will run with you and show you secret places
around the city.

Discover Buenos Aires in Helicopter

Touch the sky with your hands and explore Buenos Aires in a very unique way.

Let your imagination fly and chose how long you want to enjoy the city on a chopper!

Biking Buenos Aires Day & Night!

An exciting ride around Buenos Aires

Regular daily tours will help you uncover the city’s best-kept secrets.
Or special tours designed for you to experience this amazing city from different points of view, always on top of a bike! 

Be a polo player for a day!

You will learn the secrets of this exclusive sport, available every day of the year!
Watch a Polo Match played by the pros. Taste the most amazing BBQ.
Learn how to ride polo ponies, hit the ball and you will end up the Polo Day playing a mini game. Yes, believe it!

Go to Tigre!

Get to know the delta and the various islands that dot the area. 

Within the town of Tigre, where the train station and boat docks are, you could dine in the restaurants, sunbathe along the shoreline, or wander the town.

Delta in Kayak, Day & Night

The Paraná Delta is a fluvial geographic accident that is located in the town of Tigre. Rowing, island and happiness. Get ready for the experience!

There are also night outings in the moonlight; An adventure that you cannot miss if you visit Buenos Aires.

Live a Memorable Estancia Day!

Specially designed for you to get familiar with the argentine countryside, our culture and our traditions!

You will discover the charm of Capilla del Señor, a small town combining an authentic Gaucho life with that of a rural atmosphere.

We will visit the best estancia in the area owned by Argentina Polo Day, for you to enjoy the beauty of our countryside.

Taste our exquisite local gastronomy. Relax and connect with nature.

Feel like a Gaucho!

Enjoy a memorable horseback riding experience, for all levels.

We own more than 100 well-tamed horses to cater the exact needs of all riders.

We offer our guest the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of our estancia and its surroundings and a unique scenery for horse riding!

Do you want to go to a Soccer Game?

Your stay in Buenos Aires wouldn’t be complete without a trip to one of the many football stadiums in Buenos Aires.

Small number of places available. Private transport to and from the stadium. Affordable tour and with that personalized feel.

Get out and Shoot!

Buenos Aires is one of the world’s top photography destinations, for its beautiful architecture, urban streetscapes, stunning parklands, open and photogenic locals, and extremes of wealth as well as unavoidable signs of poverty. All of it makes Buenos Aires a photographer’s dream.

Discover the city through its artists’ eyes

Discover an alternative side of Buenos Aires, by meeting artists in the intimacy of their working space and move beyond the typically anonymous gallery or museum encounters.

Polo under the star!

You will enjoy a Night Polo Match with all the Luxury. The only illuminated polo in the world.
While watching the polo game you will taste assorted regional dishes with premium wine and a glass of champagne to end a perfect night!

For a professional Tango Show

Live the Tango experience in a genuine and intimate environment.

Good dinner. And a tango class, if you dare! 

Wine Tasting with Wine Experts

Learn about the wine, vines and the history of Argentina through a selection of boutique and limited production bottles.

Dinner behind Closed Doors

Arrive at a chef’s private home for a very tasty and special dinner. Perfect for a delicious and friendly night.