Recommended Activities in Mendoza

Feel the Freedom to Fly!

Paragliding is a unique experience!

You will feel the pleasure of taking off the feet of the earth and feel the freedom to fly. Enjoy one of the best panoramic views of the city of Mendoza, in the company of professional pilots passionate about flying.

The flight is over the foothills, from Cerro Arco at 1,650 meters above sea level!

The Secrets of WineMaking

Argentine wine is one of the best in the world; if you visit Mendoza you can’t miss tasting it!

Learn about the winemaking process and its history in our country.

Visit a winery of excellence where you will learn the secrets and end the experience with a tasting of premium wines, to choose your favorite!

Bike & Wine

Mendoza is different on a bike!

Get to mingle with the locals and enjoy fabulous views and wines whilst peddling through the renowned wine regions.

Rafting Adventure in San Juan

Enjoy a rafting adventure on the rapids of Los Patos River. There are several half-day and full-day options, including lunch and trekking activities, depending on your experience. You can choose between rafting tours on calmer waters or more intense rapids with rocks and tight turns. If your feel like trying something new, you can go rafting with duckies for one, two or three people on these same calm waters or along the mountains.

Trekking Experience in San Juan

Enhance your physical skills and enjoy the majestic landscapes of the Andes with a unique mountain trekking experience. Meet your professional tour guide to embark in an adventure at the foothills of the longest mountain range in the world. High-altitude lovers can also choose to explore the winding paths through the mountains and reach some of the most beautiful summits in the area.

Epic Hikes in Mendoza

Experience high altitude hiking and get to know Mount Aconcagua in one day with different half-day and full-day hiking options. Feel like a mountaineer with the Andes hiking tour, live a mountain adventure with the Aconcagua tour, or hike up to the base camp of the highest mountain in the Americas with the Confluencia hike tour.

Mountain Trekking in Mendoza

Join us for a trekking adventure in the typical mountain landscape of Mendoza. You have several options to choose from: a full-day trekking tour at the foothills of the Andes, or 2 or 3-day high altitude personalized experiences. This is an invitation to explore the Andes mountains, as well as its valleys, peaks, flora and fauna, and to connect with nature in these amazing sites.

Kayak and Stand-Up Paddle in Mendoza

Take a break during your stay in Mendoza to discover relaxing water sports that will help you appreciate and enjoy the surrounding landscape. Whether you choose a kayak or a stand-up paddle board, you will have the chance to contact with nature and get to know fantastic places from another perspective.

Rafting Experience in Mendoza

Enjoy a fun adventure rafting the rivers of Mendoza and discover its breathtaking mountains and landscapes. Join us for a half-day program suitable for all levels in Class II rapids. If you are looking for an extra challenge, you can choose a full-day rafting program in Class III/IV rapids, including a complete asado lunch.