Recommended Activities in Patagonia

Sailing the Lake

Enjoy the fascinating experience of sailing through the waters of Lake Nahuel Huapi, observing the coasts of Villa La Angostura, that small and refined mountain village in our northern Patagonia.

The contrast of crystalline waters, snowy mountain range and lush forests provide the ideal setting for contemplation and fun with family or friends.

Nature with your “Five Senses”

Enjoy one of the most rugged areas of Patagonia.  El Chalten, one of the most beautiful forests in the region,  where nature, historic sites, wildlife, a beautiful lake, and amazing trekking are there together.

Rock Climbing in Ushuaia

Dive into an adventure between a trekking and a rock climbing challenge close  to Laguna Esmeralda on a mountains natural setting.

Climbing and Trekking in El Calafate and Chalten

Patagonia is one of the best places to climb and walk. It allows you to find unique landscapes full of peace and nature. Enjoy every corner, its customs, glaciers and of course great moments at the mountains!

Ushuaia from the Air

This is an invitation to explore Ushuaia from a different point of view and discover its spectacular geography including mountains, islands, lakes, glaciers, beaches, and ranches. You have several options to choose from: Ushuaia 360° (Mount Olivia, Ushuaia Bay, and the old prison); Ushuaia Lakes; Sarmiento Shipwreck and Beagle Channel; Carbajal Valley and Emerald Lagoon; Heart of the Andes.

Snowshoes and Winter Trekking in Villa Pehuenia

Discover an activity that allows you to explore and connect with nature. The goal is to enjoy the experience and reach viewpoints with magnificent panoramic views of Villa Pehuenia (Neuquén) and Lake Aluminé. You have several options to choose from: trekking with snowshoes in the mountain, and trekking with snowshoes in the forest; trekking and overnight stay at an exclusive mountain retreat.

Sailing in Villa la Angostura

Fun and eco-friendly! Enjoy an unforgettable sailing experience in Villa la Angostura (Neuquén). Have a great day with a view of the beautiful Patagonian landscape from the water. You can join our daily group sailing tours through the Arrayanes Forest. You can also set sail in a private full-day tour including lunch or different options of half-day tours around the Quetrihué Peninsula.

Kayak Experience in Villa la Angostura

Explore the Nahuel Huapí Lake or the Mirror Lake with a half-day kayak adventure in some of the warmest waters in the area. Learn about the history, flora, and fauna of these beautiful territories. Take a break to connect with the surrounding natural landscape and enjoy an afternoon tea with local products.

Rafting Adventure in Bariloche

Enjoy a unique experience in a marvelous natural environment with clear waters and Class I/II and III/IV rapids. Join us for a rafting adventure suitable for all levels at the confluence of the Villegas and Manso rivers or a more challenging option in the Manso River, very close to the border with Chile. You can also enjoy a full-day private rafting tour in the lower Manso River or a half-day private one in the Limay River.

Stunning Glacier in El Calafate

Experience the magic of the amazing Perito Moreno glacier with the iconic Mini-trekking and Big Ice tours. These trekking activities allow you to explore the glacier and the forest, and to enjoy a fantastic view of the glacier with a 20-minute navigation. If you seek a more relaxed option, connect with nature by embarking on a safari on the Rico Lake to appreciate the ice walls of the Perito Moreno from a very short distance.

Sailing on the Beaggle Channel

Navigate through the Ushuaia Bay and explore fascinating sites with iconic catamaran tours from the southernmost city in the world. Discover the magic of the Beaggle Channel as you sail past different islands which are home to local flora and fauna species, including sea lions, birds, and penguins, the emblematic Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, and pristine landscapes offering great photo opportunities.

Off-Road 4X4 Lakes Tour in Ushuaia

We invite you to explore the typical landscapes of Tierra del Fuego. Feel the adrenaline and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Andes mountains. This off-road adventure in the forest will take you to beautiful sites such as the Escondido and Fagnano lakes. Have a coffee break by the lake and conclude your day having lunch or dinner at a typical local restaurant.

Glacier Trekking in Ushuaia

Glaciers are a fundamental part of Ushuaia geography, and they greatly contribute to the beauty of this city. The Vinciguerra Glacier is one of the biggest glaciers in Tierra del Fuego, and it offers a unique trekking experience to enjoy the solitude and closeness to nature. Discover more amazing views with other trekking options in the Albino Eye Glacier and the Emeral Lagoon.

Mountain Bike Trails in Ushuaia

Ushuaia also offers great options and fantastic views for bike lovers. The Tunnel Experience is an authentic mountain bike excursion in one of the most important trekking trails outside the National Park. You can also embark on a truly unique full-day excursion crossing the Andes, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the most emblematic lakes of the island and enjoy the local cuisine at a restaurant in the mountains.