Puente del Inca | Mendoza

On the channel of the Mendoza river that is born in the Aconcagua, the Puente del Inca is located at 2719 meters above sea level, framed by the Banderita Norte and Banderita Sur hills, and was part of the old Inca Trail.

The place also has many stories of travelers who used it as a must to Chile in the colonial era. It is believed that the formation of the natural bridge is due to the undermining of a fluvioglaciar deposit and then cemented by the action of the mineral springs that spring up in the area. Numerous colonies of green, red and blue algae accompanied the process as biological components, and the set of geobiological structures constitutes the balance of this striking formation…

The hot springs retain an average temperature between 34 and 38 ° C and are the highest found in Argentina. The composition of the water contains iron and other minerals that give the ferruginous characteristic to the rock formation and the orange, ocher and yellow colors, as very unique landscape tones. Suspended 27 m above the river, the natural bridge is almost 50 m long and 28 m wide.

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