What is the best Argentine wine?

For 2020 being a difficult year for the whole world. Argentine wine had an exceptional production that surpasses what has been produced in the last decade. Of the best Argentine wines of 2020, the following stand out:

Colomé’s Tannat salteño Lote Especial 2018, platinum medal at the Decanter Wine Awards.

According to Tim Atkin, master of wine and international critic.

  1. Per Se Uní del Bonnesant 2018 – Per Se Wines (Mendoza):
  2. Cheval des Andes 2017 – Cheval des Andes (Mendoza):
  3. 2017 Michelini I Mufatto Certezas Semillón (Mendoza):
  4. Colomé Altura Máxima Malbec 2017 (Salta):
  5. Noemía Malbec 2018 – Bodega Noemía (Río Negro):

The best wines of 2020 according to Paz Levinson, best sommelier of America 2015. decanter wine awards jury.

  1. Old Vines Torrontés 2019 – Riccitelli Wines (Río Negro).
  2. Parcela La Totora Criolla Chica 2018 – Cara Sur (San Juan)
  3. Amar y Vivir 2018 (Salta)
  4. Benmarco Malbec 2019 – Susana Balbo (Mendoza)
  5. Sophenia Estate Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 and Altosur Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 (Mendoza)
  6. Altar Uco Middle Aged White 2018 (Mendoza)



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