Discovering San Telmo in Buenos Aires

San Telmo is one of the first neighborhoods founded in Buenos Aires, which holds many treasures of Argentine history. If you want to discover this wonderful neighborhood, you can’t miss these 7 places:


1. El Zanjón de Granados

One of the most important archeological recoveries of Buenos Aires were these hidden tunnels, caused by natural depression that drained the rainwater from the highlands of the city to the Rio de la Plata. They are located under a large house that once belonged to a wealthy Spanish family. Discover the secrets hidden in these tunnels, and the history that took place in them.


2. Mercado de San Telmo

It is one of the original markets of Buenos Aires, along with the Abasto and Primera Junta markets. 20 to 30 years ago it was transformed into a touristic place, because it’s located in one of the colonial areas of Buenos Aires, which contains a lot of history behind it.


3. Lezama Park

One of the largest parks in Buenos Aires, so large that in addition to having the National Historical Museum inside, it has an amphitheater, bridge and viewpoint thanks to the ravines and slopes it has, as well as sculptures and various monuments.


4. Casa Mínima

In Defensa and Pasaje San Lorenzo, we find this curious house, built around 1860, recognized for being the narrowest house in the city, with only 905.5 inches (2.30 meters) wide.  Its walls made of baked mud and remains of plaster hide years of stories and tales.


5. La Viruta

It is one of the largest milongas in Buenos Aires. Milongas are places where tango is danced, and it is one of the largest in the city. Ideal for watching tango shows, and on Saturdays it welcomes beginners who want to practice.


6. Mafalda’s Bench

As part of the comic path that runs along Defensa Street, we find Mafalda.Known as the most important cartoon character in Argentine culture, she was such a resounding success that she has been translated into more than 20 languages.  Mafalda’s bench is located on this corner, because in the comic, Mafalda lives in that area! A photo with her is a must-do!


7. San Telmo Fair

On Sundays in Defensa street we find the San Telmo fair. With more than 50 years of existence and many blocks to walk, it invites you to know art, history, nostalgia and memories, accompanied by classics of Argentine culture, music, dances and more, in the public street.


If you visit Buenos Aires, save this note, so you don’t miss this list of 7 wonderful places in the neighborhood of San Telmo.

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