Golden hour in Buenos Aires

Ideal places to enjoy the golden hour in Buenos Aires


The charms of Buenos Aires are unparalleled. Commonly called the Europe of Latin America, Buenos Aires invites you to visit its different neighborhoods, with their particularities and specialties of each one.


But the golden hour in Buenos Aires can be enjoyed from 5 ideal places in the city, to have the best view, and have an unforgettable memory of the city of fury.


1. Puente de la Mujer

In Puerto Madero, seeing how all the skyscrapers and the river of gold light up, gives a mystical air to the place. In this place you can enjoy this spectacle accompanied with ice cream, coffee, or simply sitting on the benches of the boulevard.


2.  Floralis Genérica

We go to Recoleta, and we find the wonderful work of the Argentine architect Eduardo Catalano, which closes by itself with the sunset, and its metallic petals reflect the beautiful sunset.


3. El Obelisco

In the middle of 9 de Julio Avenue, the widest in Latin America, the sunset behind this monument is worthy of a postcard.


4. The Planetarium

Being at the Palermo lakes, visiting the planetarium, and watching the sunset while the duomo slowly turns on its little lights, to give way to the night.


5. Estancias Argentinas

Both in the city and in the countryside the magic happens. Watching the sun slowly bathe the Argentine fields, while surrounded by an atmosphere of tranquility and nature, is the dream of every traveler looking to disconnect and relax.

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