Tango – Cultural values & emotional experience

Everybody says that those who come to tango never return the same.

A trip is always a building of identity, and a moving experience, especially for those who travel and approach a different culture.

But what is it about Tango, and about Buenos Aires that makes the travel experience to be so deep and emotional?

Buenos Aires is an interesting city, with a lot of different proposals to enjoy, and it has specially brighty tango experiences to live.

You can take a private tango lesson or feel the tango night by visiting one of the 100 milonga´s that runs in different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

In a Tango class the proposal from the beginning is the body connection. “It takes two to tango”, and it also takes a willingness to listen and play with another person. During our lessons you will hear some words as regards tango history for you to understand why the tango is the way it is… why the immigration´s movement of the XIX´s century was so important for the creation of Tango, and why we can say that tango is still alive in every corner of our big city. Together with the theory you will learn some steps, as tools for you to feel the deep tango embracement and the power of walk together creating your own figures.

After this moving moment, you can get even deep into tango culture and visit a “Milonga”, the place where the local people gather to dance and share the ritual of Tango. A place full of social and secret codes and rules that you will be able to discover with our specialized guides. And if you are in the mood of try some steps… it is the moment!!!!!

So, trying a private tango class, or going through the Buenos Aires night and its milongas are unmissable experiences to complete the look of tango, and to meet with a culture that is Immaterial cultural heritage of Humanity (UNESCO).

The importance of the community, body communication, improvisation and connection are the keys to understand what is the tango magic… Are you planning to come to BA? Let`s go to Tango!

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