Walk in the Rosedal

The Rosedal in Argentina is a charming place to enjoy a day of leisure. Some activities you can do there include strolling along the beautiful trails surrounded by roses, having a picnic in its gardens, taking photographs at scenic viewpoints, and renting a boat to row on the lake. You can also enjoy cultural events or outdoor shows if there are any scheduled during your visit.

During lunch or dinner time, you’ll be able to enjoy the many varieties of bars and restaurants that the Rosedal area offers. Los Arcos del Rosedal (formerly known as Paseo de la Infanta) is a growing gastronomic hub. It’s a 36,000 square meter venue developed under the Mitre Railway tracks, and its green surroundings attract a diverse audience.

Los Arcos del Rosedal are located at the intersection of Dorrego Avenue and Libertador Avenue (with an exit to Intendente Bullrich Avenue as well). It´s strategic location places it in the heart of the Palermo Woods, very close to the Hippodrome and Polo fields.

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