Horse Riding: An Argentine Custom

With a long history of campo and gauchos, horse riding has always been popular in Argentina, where there is a very close relationship between people and horses.

For many years as a means of transportation, gradually becoming a direct part of life, as a partner, as a companion in sports or as part of the family.

Little by little the care of the horse has improved. Starting from its birth, then its feeding, treatment and the care of its feet and the mouth as well.

Helped by the great lands of the pampas, many people began to ride through the countryside, getting to know the different places, to the point that over time horseback riding ended up being a tourist attraction.

As they are generally trained horses, they are tame and walk on their own, but those who know how to ride can gallop over vast territories.

Horse riding is a great adventure with an incredible animal. From all over the world and over the years people come to Argentina to spend a day in the countryside, eat deliciously, enjoy the outdoors and ride a horse.

Riding a horse is an Argentine custom. A countryside custom. To be close to nature, to share a moment with friends and feel like a Gaucho!

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