The Secrets to Prepare a Good Argentine Asado

Argentine Asado is one of the most traditional foods in the country, ant it is also an excuse to celebrate a unique moment with family or friends.

In today’s post we will tell you some secrets to keep in mind when preparing one.

Take your time and be patient to light the embers, because everything starts here. Do not use shortcuts like alcohol, as the final taste of your meat will pay the consequences. Make sure the grill is very clean because there are almost always traces left over from the previous asado.

Regarding the meat, whatever you choose, it will be a good option as long as it is cooked just right and not overcooked. Here the advice will always be to try to cook the meats with their own fat, so it will maximize the characteristic flavors and fragrance, it will also help the meat to cook more gently.

How long it takes to roast depends on the size of the meat, but the advice in this area will be to try to grill as slow and relaxed as possible (the meat and you). For those who also like to grill vegetables to eat them as a side or for the simple fact that they do not consume meat, they always go first on the grill, among the most common are potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, bell peppers and chili peppers.

Making an asado involves several steps. Achuras, provoleta, vegetables and the best of the country’s meat are part of this ritual. Although it seems a difficult and complex task, it is much simpler and easier to do than it seems.

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