4 Typical Foods that You Cannot Miss When Visiting Argentina

If you visit Argentina, get ready to discover in its typical meals an authentic party of flavors. The mix of cultures has given rise to one of the tastiest gastronomies in the world. In Argentina, good eating and drinking is a reason for meeting and is part of the most deeply rooted customs. Here you have 4 typical foods that you cannot miss when visiting this country!

Asado. Talking about typical Argentine food is the same as talking about excellent quality meat. The Argentine asado consists of veal meat, and Argentine chorizo (sausages) cooked on the coals. The most delicious cuts of meat are the chorizo ​​steak, the loin, the ribs, the strip roast and the vacuum.

Empanadas. An empanada is a thin dough of bread, corn dough or puff pastry, which is filled with some salty or sweet preparation, and can be baked or fried. This is a traditional and multifaceted dish, each Argentine province has its own recipe so that these empanadas are unique.

Locro Another typical Argentine food is locro. It is a type of stew based on pumpkin, grains, corn and potatoes. The locro is a balanced mixture of flavors, like all these dishes that combine cooking and patience to give their best.

Milanesa. This dish is one of the most common in Argentina. Milanesa is a thin slice of beef (although chicken, pork, and other meats are also made) dipped in egg with seasonings and coated with breadcrumbs, which are fried, usually accompanied by French fries.

These dishes are just some of those that identify the culture of Argentines. Italian, Arab, Jewish, Central European or Spanish heritage in a thousand flavors added to ingredients typical of our country, paint the personality of Argentine cuisine.

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