The domes of Avenida de Mayo

The Avenida de Mayo is an important avenue in the city of Buenos Aires that functions as the backbone of the historic center of the City since there are many buildings belonging to Argentina’s heritage such as the National Congress, the Cabildo, the Casa Rosada, among others.

In turn, today it is the place where all social manifestations take place.

But in today’s post we are going to focus on the vast architectural spectacle that this avenue has; more precisely it is its domes that are a symbol of an era of abundance in Argentina, where architecture played a very important role in the city of Buenos Aries.

Among the domes that attract the most attention within this avenue, stands out the dome of the Congress; huge and emerald green that impacts any visitor. Another very striking dome is the one of the old Confitería Del Molino, located in a corner of the Congress square. In turn, the huge “La Inmobiliaria” building houses two huge domes, one on Sáenz Peña street and the other on San José street. Finally, we cannot fail to name the incomparable Barolo Palace and its imposing dome, a true architectural jewel that invites you to appreciate its infinite designs.

These are just some of the domes that can be seen during the Avenida de Mayo tour, all have different styles, both Arabic, Spanish and Russian. They have endured the passing of the years, storms and intense summers since time immemorial that today are part of Argentine history.

If you visit Buenos Aires do not hesitate to walk this incredible avenue where you just have to look up and discover true concentrated treasures of Argentine culture that show the clear magnitude and elegance with which the buildings of the 19th century were impregnated in Buenos Aires.

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