Why is polo so important in Argentina?

Why is polo so important in Argentina?

Some countries are a reference in some sports, for example, if we talk about rugby, New Zealand, basketball, the United States and if we talk about polo, definitely Argentina.

Starting with our traditions, what make us leaders in Polo are certainly our past of horsemanship, our countryside with vast extensions of land and our horses.

The Players: in the current world rankings, nine of the top 10 players are Argentine, and there are more than 3,000 active polo players nationwide, more than any other country.

The horses: Argentina is the only country in the world to breed the “Polo Argentino”. The breeding of polo horses has become a growing activity sustained over time by worldwide fame.

While polo around the world may have an elitist image, in Argentina it is a popular sport, with big matches attracting crowds of more than 30,000 people and being broadcast live on television.

Here in Argentina, Polo is related to nature, to our traditions. It is a cultural symbol. 

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