What is a porteño?

Probably you have heard the word “porteño” referring to inhabitants of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Today we are going to explain its meaning since there is usually a lot of confusion around this word.


Porteño is the demonym corresponding to the natives of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA), capital of the Argentine Republic.


It is very important not to be confused with the demonym “bonaerense”, which is reserved exclusively for the inhabitants of the Province of Buenos Aires and is not used to designate the inhabitants of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. In summary, the porteño is not a bonaerense nor vice versa.


But beyond definitions, the porteños have quite a marked personality. At general levels, it could be said that they are very passionate people in various aspects of their lives, they tend to show both positive and negative emotions. In turn, they live an accelerated life which makes them want everything fast and they don’t like to waste time.


Another thing to note is that porteños have a strong companionship, they are always willing to help even if you are someone unknown. Finally, they are people who love to be with other people, any excuse is always valid to meet and spend time with friends.


We hope that this post has clarified your doubts, in this way you are ready to visit the city of Buenos Aires and use this famous word to address the inhabitants of the city.

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