The Arrayanes Forest, a place Where Disney Was Inspired

One of the most recognized experiences that take place when visiting Bariloche is the tour to the Arrayanes Forest. A place that hides many magical places and that requires time to discover them.


The tour usually takes several hours and involves a walk through one of the relict forests of Patagonia Argentina. This forest is unique in the world, since there is no other place that has so many myrtles concentrated in the same place.


In the middle of the forest, there is a tea house, which is very well known since Walt Disney was inspired to make the film “Bambi” in that sector of the forest. The little house called “Disney’s Cabin” is very picturesque and looks like a movie, it invites you to enjoy a hot chocolate inside after a long journey.


Walking through this forest is to enter a world of brown and reddish tones that emerge from the picturesque trunks. Some trees are more than 650 years old, with heights exceeding fifteen meters. Not to mention the incredible views of Lake Nahuel Huapi you are able to enjoy during the tour. A unique experience.


The Arrayanes Forest is undoubtedly a wonderful place to get in touch with the purest and most intangible nature, observing specimens that are an average of 500 years old.

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