The Weather in Buenos Aires

In today’s post we are going to give you a general summary of the weather in Buenos Aires that can be useful if you are planning a trip to Argentina and want to visit this beautiful city.


Although this fact may be a bit obvious, we cannot say it: as Argentina is in the southern hemisphere, when in Europe it is summer, here it is winter, and vice versa. So, spring begins on September 21st, summer begins December 21st, fall begins March 21st and winter begins June 21st.


Summers in Buenos Aires are hot and have a high degree of humidity. During the month of January, maximum average temperatures of 30.4ºC are reached, while the minimum temperatures do not usually drop below 20ºC. As you will see, however, the temperatures do not become suffocating, on the contrary, the summer of Buenos Aires is perfect if you like the warm environment.


On the other hand, for the intermediate seasons, autumn and spring, the climates are quite similar; the weather is hot at noon and in the early afternoon; pleasant mornings and afternoons. The nights are cool to cold.


In turn, during the winter months the temperatures are not too low during the day, although during the night the temperatures drop considerably. The coldest month is July, in which average minimum temperatures of 7.4ºC are reached and the maximum temperatures do not exceed 15ºC.


Buenos Aires has an average annual temperature of 18ºC, winters are not too cold nor summers very hot, so any time of the year is good to get to know the city.

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