Mendoza: The Land of Malbec

Argentina is world famous for its wines and excels in Malbec. The country has several wine growing regions, but Mendoza is the one considered the land of Malbec.

The key to understand this privileged position relies mostly on a geographical fact. Mendoza is rich in natural resources. This province is home to Argentina’s most famous grape variety, which is Malbec.

A combination of well-drained soil, consistent sun and significant altitude give the growing zones surrounding Mendoza a significant edge on the viticultural front. Most vineyards capture close to 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, and average around 3,000 feet in elevation.

Mendoza offers wine lovers not only the best Malbec wine, but also the experience of visiting its vineyards and learning everything about Malbec from grape to glass.

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