Estancia Day: A Classic Argentine Experience

With the coming of spring in Argentina, locals and travelers find more options to enjoy outdoor activities in different touristic destinations across the country. Estancias are among the favorite places when it comes to day or weekend trips ideas.

The first estancias appeared in Argentina in the 16th century during the Spanish colonization period. They were large private lands used for farming or raining cattle or sheep. Although many of them are still operating today, some have been opening their doors to travelers looking to explore more relaxed places and learn about our culture and traditions.

Estancias have become a classic Argentine experience with unique characteristics that make them an ideal choice for any person interested in natural settings. The City of Capilla del SeƱor if famous for featuring some of the best estancias for rural tourism.

What makes these estancias so great? To start with, they allow you to discover the landscapes of the Pampas region. They offer varied activities for all ages and tastes. They range from bird watching to riding horses and even playing polo. The most important part is that estancias have always something special to offer, no matter the time of the year.

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