Corrientes, the street that never sleeps

Corrientes, the street that never sleeps, starts in the neighborhood of Puerto Madero and ends in Chacarita. Along its 70 blocks, it crosses the neighborhoods of Balvanera, Almagro and Villa Crespo, all closely linked to the history of tango and culture.


Although in the popular imagination it is known as “Corrientes Street”, it is an avenue and owes its name to the first city in the interior of the country that supported the Argentine Independence.


From April 2019, from 7 pm to 2 am, the stretch from Callao Avenue to Libertad Avenue will become pedestrianized, to accompany the peak hours for visiting theaters and remarkable places.
This schedule is ideal to visit the endless number of bookstores, theaters, pizzerias, bars in the area and take a walk around the famous Obelisk of Buenos Aires.

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