4 Secret Corners of Buenos Aires

Escape the guided tourist tours and dare to discover the corners of Buenos Aires.

What a disappointing feeling it is to take a trip based on a strict list of places you feel obligated to visit! Do not let this happen to you in Buenos Aires! Beyond the iconic images with which the whole world identifies it, the capital of Argentina hides places unknown by the majority of tourists that will enrich your trip. From here we encourage you to get out of the conventional and discover an essential part of Buenos Aires!

1. Secret corners of San Telmo: the Zanjón de Granados

You could never imagine that under one of the blocks of the neighborhood of San Telmo there is a network of tunnels, the only witnesses of what was the first foundation of Buenos Aires in 1536. The Zanjón de Granados, located at Defensa 755, appeared from casual way in 1985 under a manor house of 1830. The archaeological work was constant since then and now the visitor can take a guided tour of this place full of mysticism. In addition, the visit is interspersed with legends and curiosities from the past that will give you a unique view of this city.

2. San Isidro. Betting and emotions breakfast

Equestrian art runs through the veins of Argentines, so we invite you to discover the vibrant atmosphere that is experienced in the course of a horse race. For this, the best place without a doubt is the Jockey Club of San Isidro (Av. Márquez 504, San Isidro). Opened in 1935, it preserves the tradition and the elegant and gentrified style of the world of betting. And now, to all this add that you can watch the races tasting a full traditional breakfast.

3. Puerto Madero and its particular metaphor of tango

In this modern part of the city of Buenos Aires with its buildings that meet the most contemporary architectural trends, a bridge alludes to the country’s cultural tradition. If you take a walk around Puerto Madero, we recommend that you stop for a moment in front of the Puente de la Mujer that connects the streets Pierina Dealiessi and Juana Manuela, the margins of the dike 3. This bridge with simple lines and metal structure is inspired by a couple that dances tango. The mast symbolizes the man who picks up the woman (the central curvature of the bridge). It is one of the designs made by the architect Santiago Calatrava, who with this beautiful metaphor resolved the port transit.

4. Art in the Barrio de la Boca

Away from the usual museum route in Buenos Aires, Fundación Proa is located on Avenida Pedro de Mendoza, 1929; in the neighborhood of La Boca. Its building in the purest contemporary style stands out among the singular decadence that surrounds the neighborhood. The museum offers groundbreaking art collections of international prestige that never leave you indifferent.

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