“La Boca” Neighborhood

The neighborhood of the Riachuelo is one of the sectors of the city most visited by tourists because it is closely linked to the mythology of tango.

La Vuelta de Rocha, where the Riachuelo makes a wide curve, is one of its most characteristic places, such as Caminito, an alley immortalized by the tango of the same name, by Juan de Dios Filiberto. Paintings, souvenirs and crafts are sold there. On Sundays there are tango couples who dance on its pavement. Buildings of 2×2 meters built with sheet and cardboard are appreciated.

The riverbank was turned into a promenade and a work of hydraulic engineering has conjured up the curse of the floods. The Boca Juniors stadium is considered a monument by the xeneizes. Called La Bombonera for its elevated stands that give it the shape of a box, the spectacle of a football match is unforgettable there due to the renowned fervor of fans (fans) of Boca and its carnival of flares, colored papers and bombs. roar.

Occupying the building of the old “Don Pedro de Mendoza” Usina, built in 1916 next to the South Basin, the Usina de las Ideas, a cultural center and show hall that continues under construction, was inaugurated in 2011 and will host the Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires.

There is also “El Galpón de Catalinas” where the “Grupo de Teatro Catalinas Sur” is located, currently located on Calle Benito Pérez Galdós 93. It was born in 1983 in the neighborhood originally called Barrio Catalinas Sur, La Boca, being the first group of Community Theater in Argentina. In the aesthetics of community theater, typical elements of the grotesque, the farce and the comedy of art coexist. The works are characterized by their historical and social revision being of very different styles, some with more than 20 years in theaters, standing out “We come from far away” (1989), “La Catalina del Riachuelo”, “El Fulgor Argentino Club Social y Deportivo “(1998), Carpa Quemada” El Circo del Centenario “or” Sudestada “(2002) among others.

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