The best places to visit in Argentina during winter!

Winter has a special charm to enjoy on your travels. In a country with climates and landscapes for all tastes, there is also room for those who prefer the cold and the mountains. To go as a couple, with the family or on your own, these are the best winter places to visit in Argentina:


Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego:

Being one of the southernmost small cities on the planet, Ushuaia captivates its visitors with landscapes of mountains, lakes, lighthouses and immense Patagonian views.

Take in the beautiful sights that the routes leading to Lagos Escondido & Fagnano have to offer. Also, make sure to visit Glaciar Martial and the lighthouses Les Éclaireurs and San Juan de Salvamento, famous for inspiring “Le phare du bout du monde” by Julio Verne.


San Carlos de Bariloche

Bariloche is one of the most touristic winter places in Argentina due to its proposals for all seasons, ages and budgets. We recommend visiting the reserves, forests, mountains and lakes of the Nahuel Huapi Park.

For adrenaline junkies and those who want to ski, this is the right place. The main centers (Cerro Catedral, Tronador, Otto or López) offer skiing, heli-skiing, Nordic skiing, trekking and 4×4 crossings. In addition, the slopes have viewpoints, bars, breweries and shelters along the way to relax for a while take in the beautiful views.


Villa La Angostura

Only 90 kilometers from Bariloche, but on the other side of the lake, there is a paradise straight out of a fairy tale: the city of Villa La Angostura.

Its wooden cabins add a rustic touch that looks breathtaking with winter snowfall. In Los Arrayanes Park you can walk through a huge forest and have tea in the large wooden cabin. Along the Route of the 7 Lakes you can make an unforgettable roadtrip admiring the landscapes to San Martin de los Andes and all its lakes.


El Calafate, la maravillosa tierra de glaciares

El Calafate, a city with beautiful sunsets, mountains and hills. When visiting this wonderful place, you can’t miss Los Glaciares National Park with its 2600 km2 of ice that you can explore with boat trips, horseback riding and trekking, a true spectacle of nature! I


Whatever the destination, our recommendation is always the same: disconnect from the routine and let yourself be embraced by the Argentine winter.

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