Argentina’s wine regions

Argentina is known for its incredible gastronomy and beautiful landscapes, but also for its wine! The country has many regions that are ideal for growing grapes and developing vineyards:



Mendoza is the largest and most important wine region of the country. There are almost 400,000 acres of land destined to this activity and this region is responsible for 80% of the country’s wine production. This region grows a vast variety of grapes and wines, including Malbec, Chardonnay and Cabernet Suavignon.


San Juan

San Juan, a province located on Mendoza’s upper border, is the 2nd most important wine producer region. It has a hotter and drier weather than Mendoza, making the Syrah grape its best delicacy.



Despite being the smalles wine producer region, vineyards in Salta don’t let this stop them. They are nationally well-known for its Torrontés grapes.



Finally, the Patagonia has only 2% of the country’s vineyards. Its cold and snowy weather makes a slower paced growing season but still it is an ideal climate for growing high-quality grapes.


Which wine region are you visiting first?

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