Caminito La Boca

Caminito is undoubtedly the most colorful neighborhood in Buenos Aires. La Boca is a favorite place for artists and creatives, and many take their art to the street, decorating balconies and patios.


The name Caminito is also the name of a tango, whose author is the famous Carlos Gardel, which tells of a love affair.


An unmissable place to visit is the Caminito Street Museum. A colorful pedestrian area that has functioned as an open-air museum and art market since 1959.


Painted with a mosaic of colors, this string of bright, photogenic buildings offers crafts, sculptures and free outdoor tango demonstrations.


The Museo de Artes Decorativas de Quinquela Martín, a more formal museum to visit, has an excellent collection of works by notable 20th century Argentine artists, ideal for learning more about the history of art in Argentina.

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